Dublin Bus Mobility Scooter Regulations:

Dublin Bus Mobility Scooter

For individuals who rely on mobility scooters, navigating public transportation can sometimes be a challenge. In Dublin, Ireland, Dublin Bus has taken steps to accommodate passengers with mobility scooters. However, it’s important to be aware of the specific regulations and requirements in place, such as the need for a permit. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of traveling on Dublin Bus with a mobility scooter and the essential information you should know about obtaining a permit.

The Permit Requirement

Dublin Bus requires passengers using mobility scooters to obtain a permit before traveling on their buses. This permit is an important step in ensuring the safety of all passengers and facilitating a smoother experience for individuals with limited mobility.

Why the Permit?

The permit system serves several purposes, primarily focusing on safety and accessibility. By requiring a permit, Dublin Bus can ensure that mobility scooters brought onto buses meet specific criteria that contribute to the overall safety of the passengers, the driver, and the equipment itself. Moreover, the permit allows the bus company to manage the accommodation of mobility scooters on their vehicles, ensuring that the space is available and properly prepared.

Applying for the Permit

To travel on Dublin Bus with your mobility scooter you must have a permit. This is because some mobility scooters are too big to fit on Dublin Bus buses. To find out if your scooter is the correct size, contact Dublin Bus travel assistant, who will check your scooter to see if it is suitable for the bus.

To arrange a permit please ring the travel assistance at 01 7033204 or email customercomment@dublinbus.ie 


It’s important to remember that regulations and procedures can change over time. If you’re planning to travel on Dublin Bus with a mobility scooter, make sure to consult the most up-to-date information available on their official website or through direct communication with their customer service. With the right permit in hand, you can confidently enjoy the convenience of Dublin’s public transportation system while ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for yourself and fellow passengers.


Go Ahead Ireland Mobility Scooters :

Go Ahead Ireland Bus Mobility Scooters

Travelling with a Mobility Scooter

If you wish to travel with a mobility scooter on our services, you are required to use a permit to ensure that the scooter is passed as safe to travel on board and is the correct size for the bus.

Permits can be arranged though the Travel Assistance Scheme, where a Travel Assistant will check to see if your scooter fits and will give you all necessary information you need to travel on the bus.

For more information on the scheme, please contact our customer care team on 0818 80 40 71 or email customercomment@goaheadireland.ie.

Bus Éireann Cork City Services

Bus Eireann Mobility Scooters

Customers seeking to travel on Bus Éireann Cork city services with their mobility scooter must obtain a mobility scooter travel card from their customer care department before travel. The reason for this is because some mobility scooters are too large to fit on Bus Éireann city services.

Their Training Supervisors will assess the mobility scooter and find out if the scooter you seek to travel on is the correct size to travel on the Cork city services. Once the assessment has passed, the customer will be issued with a mobility scooter travel card, which will allow the user to travel on the Cork city services.

To arrange an assessment of a mobility scooter, customers should contact their customer care team on 0818-836611. Customers can also email queries to customercare@buseireann.ie.


Other Bus Companies:

For other bus companies, please contact their customer service department to find out their rules and regulations regarding traveling with mobility scooters on their bus.


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