The market of mobility aids is currently saturated; everywhere you look, there are different accessories to aid with movement. It can therefore be quite difficult for some people to establish what type of equipment best suits them. For those that are unaware, the team here at ISB Mobility have built a wealth of experience within the mobility industry. This means that we are familiar with the most prominent types of walking aids on the market. If you would like to utilise our expert advice, and establish whether you would be better off with a mobility scooter or a height-adjustable walking frame, all you need to know is listed below.

The Tri-Walker with Bag

Should you simply be looking for something that can partially support your weight whilst you are walking around, you need look no further than the Tri-Walker. Weighing in at just under six kilograms, it is extremely lightweight; this subsequently allows for fast movement. Its steel frame ensures that it is durable – you will not need to think about replacing it for a long time to come. For anyone that is only just beginning to suffer from mobility-related issues, this is the product for you.

The Zoom Rollator

The Zoom Rollator is, in many respects, similar to the Tri-Walker. The lightweight aluminium that is used to construct this unit means that it is appropriate for usage by anyone. As opposed to the Tri-Walker, however, the Zoom Rollator allows for its user to sit down when not operating it; this means that it is ideal for anyone whose energy reserves are lacking slightly. Available in a wide-variety of colours means that you don’t need to worry about a lack of style when using one of these.

The Traditional Walking Stick

One of the most iconic walking aids, the walking stick has been around for generations. Our Folding Adjustable Walking Stick means that, no matter your height, you will be able to use this with ease. Best suited for those individuals that simply need a little extra support when embarking on a walk.

The Sturdy Zimmer Frame

If you are searching for a product that is height-adjustable, and excels at helping you keep your balance when on the move, we would suggest taking a look at a classic zimmer frame. It is excellent for anyone that needs support when inside and outside. Alternatively, if you are recovering from surgery, this is the perfect accessory when looking to regain your strength.

What can ISB Mobility do for you?

If you are someone that is trying to purchase a mobility aid in Ireland, at a price that is affordable, we are pleased to inform you that your search is over – ISB Mobility is here to help. Over the years, we have looked to develop into one of the finest suppliers of mobility-related equipment. Our stock is diverse, in order to cater to the needs of our customers. It does not matter if you are looking to buy a tri-walker, or wish to find a folding walking frame. We simply care about providing our clients with exceptional quality apparatus.

For anyone that would like to arrange an appointment at our mobility showroom in Kildare, or have some questions that you would like answering before you buy a walking frame, we would love to hear from you. Alongside the excellent range of units that we have, we are well-known for the fantastic customer service that we routinely provide; much of this is down to the hard work of our representatives. All you need to do to get in touch is check out the details laid out on our website’s contact page.