Altura Gold is a new luxurious platform lift. Premium features are included as standard across the Altura range, leaving you free to select the type and size of lift that best meets your needs.

The Altura Gold is an open-sided platform, driven by a compact screw and nut mechanism, and fully contained within its own lightweight shaft. The lift is designed to be installed into small spaces without compromising on comfort or ease of access. The Altura Gold has a clean and simple design, highlighted with elegant details, making it an attractive addition to any building.

Smooth and Comfortable

A soft start and soft stop device is fitted as standard, giving a smooth and comfortable ride every time. The lifting screw is fitted with an automatic lubrication device, keeping the lift running smoothly and helping to keep your equipment in top condition.

New Control Panel

The Altura control panel has been designed to look good while being clear and easy to use. The sleek and stylish panel is backlit, with a high-quality colour display that shows the location of the lift and gives system status information.

Your Choice

Altura Gold lifts are available in two different configurations. The lift can be customised to match your surroundings with a choice of colours and finishings for the console wall, shaft and doors, including glass panels for the shaft and door.

Safe and Secure

Advanced safety features are included as standard on the Altura Gold. In case of a power-cut, the lift can be safely lowered using a battery operated emergency lowering system. This system also includes a battery guard that monitors the battery status and ensures that there is always enough charge to operate the lift in an emergency.

A handrail is included as standard, and for installations in public buildings, a range of security options are available to prevent unauthorised use.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

We’ve designed the Altura Gold to be easy to install and maintain. The lift is supplied with a metal shaft for installation against a load-bearing wall and can normally be installed in just a few days, with minimal construction work. The control panel displays diagnostic codes so that the user can provide useful information to the engineer in advance of a maintenance visit, and the service panel is easy to access. Where possible, standard components are used across the Altura lift family, making things simple for our re seller partners.


We also have Altura Gold Pro & Altura Diamond!

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