Grab Rail

If you are someone that is trying to improve the safety precautions that you have in the bathroom, and around the home, the chances are that you will have already identified a steel grab rail as being a smart purchase. This can be installed next to the bath, shower, or toilet, and has proven itself time and again to be a useful piece of equipment. However, whilst you are searching for one of these grab bars, it may be worthwhile keeping an eye out for other products which, in the right environment, can be used to great effect. Having been supplying mobility aids for more than twenty years, ISB Mobility is pleased to guide you through some examples. 


Should you be struggling to maintain your balance whilst showering, in all likelihood you will also face some difficulties when trying to travel up-and-down the stairs. As such, a stairlift could prove to be a sensible purchase. With this piece of machinery, you will subsequently find that these short and relatively simple journeys will no longer cause you any trouble. On the current market, you can find units that can traverse both straight and curved staircases. 

Mobility Ramp

Though it may not be incredible from an aesthetic point of view, there is no denying the practical benefits that are associated with mobility ramps. These prove to be ideal for anyone that is confined to a wheelchair, or has issues walking without the help of a carer or loved one. Instead of having to exert massive amounts of energy navigating a tricky doorstep, these ramps can lead you straight into your home. The level of independence that this installation can provide you with is second-to-none. 

Walking Frame

There may be some people reading this that argue that, in comparison to some of the other mobility aids that have seen their popularity soar in recent years, walking frames are somewhat outdated – this could not be further from the truth. Whilst there is certainly an abundance of alternatives that can be chosen, what cannot be disputed is the level of assistance that walking frames can provide. Incredibly simple in their design, it is their functionality which ensures that they continue to sell.  


Contrary to popular belief, plastic grab rails are not solely confined to the bathroom, and this is evidenced excellently by the Handybar. This innovative little bar is installed on the side of your vehicle and is designed to allow you to enter and exit without having to force your body into uncomfortable positions. A secondary benefit associated with this product is that you don’t have to rely on help from others, which we are sure will be incredibly appreciated. 

Looking For More Information?

For those of you that have your heart set on buying a bath grab rail, or think that you could potentially be interested in the possibility of buying any of the other units mentioned above, you will be pleased to hear that you do not need to look any further for a retailer to do business with. Here at ISB Mobility, we take great pride in having one of the largest collections of mobility-related aids in the country. 

Regardless of where you are situated in Ireland, we will be sure to supply you with top-tier goods at competitive prices. Would you like to discuss your particular needs with one of our team members, here are our suggestions on the products that might benefit you. If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – you have the option of either writing to us using our website’s enquiry form, or ringing us directly on 045 892696.