Should you have spent any time browsing through the various disability aids currently on the market, you will most likely have been bewildered at the sheer vastness of it all. The number of daily living aids which you can purchase from reputable suppliers seems to increase on a daily basis. This can mean that prospective customers face a number of difficult decisions when looking through the various catalogues. Thankfully, you are not alone in this venture – the specialists here at Irish Stairlifts are more than happy to guide you through the most prominent mobility scooters.

Colt Executive Scooter

When it comes to sourcing a type of mobility scooter which can cope with the various types of terrain faced in the outside world, the Colt Executive should immediately come to mind. With a top-speed of eight miles per hour, this is certainly not a model that will leave you trailing behind your friends and family. With a suspension system in place that provides you with a comfortable ride like no other, this is a fantastic mobility aid for disabled people. It is also worth noting that with a weight capacity of one hundred and eighty one kilograms, it is usable to almost everyone.

TGA Vita Lite Scooter

The TGA Vita Lite is a scooter that does not compromise style for substance; the design is sleek, meaning that you won’t become an eyesore. However, what allows this product to stand out is the range of mobility features that it comes equipped with. The mono-shock absorbers, for example, facilitate an experience which is smooth-and-seamless. Another key aspect to take note of is the five-spoke alloy wheels, which can easily handle anything that you encounter whilst riding it around the town. This, then, is a unit which, although relatively simple, will not let you down in your time of need.

Illusion Travel Scooter

Although perhaps inferior in comparison to some of the other models on this list in terms of stature, this is not to say that the Illusion Travel Scooter does not have its role to play. In terms of portability, there is no unit that can rival this. Being able to be fully disassembled is a feature that not many scooters can boast, and certainly puts this product on the map. The aluminium parts are strong and durable, meaning that despite its size, it can easily cater to your needs.

Breeze S4 with Canopy

Even at first glance, you can tell that the Breeze S4 is in a league of its own in the world of mobility scooters; the canopy alone marks it out as a premium unit. The fact that it is road legal is a major selling point, as it allows you to travel to locations that other units simply cannot. With a battery that can allow you to travel up to thirty miles, the possibilities are seemingly endless when riding upon this scooter. The silver finish that it comes with, as standard, will instantly catch the eye of all passer-bys.

How can Irish Stairlifts Help you?

Should you be in the market to purchase some top-of-the-range mobility equipment, and are someone that values attentive and personalised customer service, you will be thrilled to hear that your search has come to an end. In Irish Stairlifts, you have a company which has a catalogue full of a wide-variety of walking aids, all of which are first-class in quality; not only this, but our prices will not force you to break the bank. If you would like to make an enquiry into any of the aforementioned products, our representatives can be reached using the contact methods detailed on our website.