The demand for fitting home mobility systems has significantly increased over the last few years, meaning more homeowners are having to look for the most suitable systems available. One of the most popular of them all are stairlifts, more specifically curved stairlifts, but why are they so great?


Why might you need a stairlift?


Before we go any further, it’s important to understand the need for a stairlift. As you can probably guess, the primary reason is to enable people with mobility issues to have an easier approach to use staircases. As the stairlift is fitted within the existing structure, it allows the user to independently go up and down the staircase, which is often a key factor for people who suffer from mobility issues. 



  • Can be built to your home’s structure



Unfortunately, not every staircase is straight, nor has the same rising gradient, which is where a curved stairlift can facilitate. They can be designed and installed to fit your home’s exact structure and shape, including several curves as you might have guessed by its name. Whatmore, they can be fitted for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on your preferences, though it’s simple worth stating that they are prepared options for users due to the customisable nature. 



  • An increase in safety



Almost all modern residential stairlifts that are now installed with a selection of safety features to guarantee the safety of the user. Just a few worth mentioning include the overall comfortable chair and safety belts, as well as the reassurance that the stairlift is completely attached to the wall. We aren’t suggesting that straight mobility stairlifts aren’t safe, but due to the complexity of their curved alternatives, it’s likely that they will have additional security features installed. 



  • No more painful walking



As we have already mentioned before, one of the primary benefits of using a stairlift is to help people with mobility issues to reach the second floor, but this is more apparent with curved staircases. This is primarily because of the increase in the action required for a curved staircase from when you have the change direction and speed, whereas a straight staircase is much more simple. Fortunately, curved residential stairlifts prevent the need to walk, making the whole process of using your staircases much less painful. 



  • Promotes independence



Referencing several of the points above and more, using a stairlift also promotes independence – which is something that all people with mobility issues are looking for. Almost all stairlifts are fitted to be used without the need of anyone else, enabling the user to get around the house without support. For reference, the process usually involves the user getting themselves into the chair, strapping themselves in and using a button control to move the stairlift either up or down the fitted railing system. 



  • Affordable



Although they might sound expensive due to the customisable features, curved mobility staircases are still very affordable. At the end of the day, they are designed for people that might not have the capability to work, which is why most residential stairlift manufacturers design their systems to be sold at a reasonable price so that everyone can afford them. At the end of the day, they can also be seen as an investment – as they will benefit you in more than one way, as well as preventing any accidents on the staircase from occurring. 


Irish Stairlifts


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